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I'm Trix and I create art!

Hey! I'm happy you've decided to stop by my website! Here you'll find all my creative works in digital art, music, crafts and writing in the portfolio. You'll also find all my designed products in my shop here on this website.

This website is still a work in progress :)


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I was going under

Trix Joyce

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Track from my album "Voices of Recovery". Available to buy in my shop as a physical CD or as digital album.

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My shop

My shop is designed so you can get a part of me and my creativity for yourself into your home and into your life. I opened the shop so I can share my creativity further for those who are interested in buying (or perhaps get one of my freebies!) and take a little piece of my work to their home and spaces.

Nothing would make me more honored, than if you choose to bring a part of my music, designs or crafts into your life.

Thank you so much!